Small artificial plants

If you want to decorate your home and office, you can try with these greenery faux plants. But what we think is, when you want to buy something for the decoration, first you should know about it and learn about it, then you need to decide is it the best fake plants for you or not? We try to give you the best information here that you can reconsider again, you want to buy or not! Here you are going to get your answer about the plant quality, size, materials, price, benefits of the artificial plants and disadvantage of these faux plants.

Faux Plants Information

These realistic faux plants in clear glass cube pots. The set is packaged 1 simulation taro plant, 1 artificial lotus plant, and 1 faux clover plant. The talent plant stands about 9.5 inches tall, so consider this when looking at your space.


Product Dimensions:    Taro Plant – Width: 6.2, Height: 9.5 inches, 5.5 D

                                        Lotus Plant - Width:  5.5, Height:  8.75 inches, 4 D

                                        Clover Plant - Width:  4.5, Height:  9 inches, 3.25 D


            Item Weight:          2.8 pounds         

     Shipping Weight:        3.25 pounds

  Customer Reviews:        4.3 out of 5 stars  

This is one of the best fake plants that look real. These plant features with a different style, Mostly designed to look like a taro plant, another with leaves like a lotus plant, and the third in the style of a clover plant. If you really want the beauty of the outdoors or indoors without any of the inconvenience, these faux plants are the best solution for you. You can use them to decorate your home or office with those faux plants.

Every plant is housed in a square, heavy glass pot. The stones and the glass pot look very nice and the artificial. Plants varied in quality. The quality is outstanding, they look and feels real, the glass contains with the pebbles make it a good looking plant.

Mostly it will be perfect for desktops, coffee tables, counter spaces, Floating shelves, and windows, etc. Those artificial plants look great together or apart and can fit most anywhere. The plants are about 9.5 inches high, and the rocks in the glass bottom added a nice touch.

Benefits of Faux plants Outdoor or Indoor:

The benefits of these realistic artificial plants are make your indoor or outdoor is very sweet, it’s really cheap fake plants by price. They are really much more realistic and well packaged. It’s really so attractive and cute. You can put it wherever you want. It’s housed in a very stylish glass pot, that’s why it looks really beautiful.

They are nice pieces of spring. And guaranteed no watering necessary. This artificial plant is a small faux plant so you can carry it very easily.  You can clean it with a very little dusting softly. If you don’t examine, it very closely, no one can’t say it’s a fake plant. Already it has a good customer reviews which are 4.3 averages. This is the best faux plants for outdoor and indoor.

Disadvantage of Faux plants:

The most disadvantages are it won’t be able to create oxygen. LOL yeah, as we already told you, it is housed in a square, heavy glass pot. So always you have to be careful about it, when you will try to dusting and carry to somewhere else, otherwise it can be broken.

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